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    Patrolling of Patent Trolling: Exploring Options

    A recent landmark judgment pronounced by US Supreme Court once again brought into limelight the patent trolling, a concept which is very close especially to the large tech companies. It was held that the jurisdiction for a case of patent trolling will lie with the court in which the defendant resides. [1] The purpose of the research is to analyse patent trolling from the perspective of India and suggest possible solutions to it.   [Saket Agarwal is a 4th Year (BBA; LL.B) Student, National Law University, Jodhpur] Introduction The term patent trolling was first used by Peter Detkin for a ‘litigious minded IP holding company’. [2] It is a practice…

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    Moral Rights of Architects : No Remedy for Demolition of Works?

    In May this year, in a case concerning the demolition of Hall of Nations, Hall of Industries, and Nehru Pavilion in Delhi, all three of them being highly acclaimed architectural relics, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has ruled that an architect does not have the right to ask for reconstruction of his demolished buildings as per original plans. The primary question that this case raised was vis-a-vis the ambit of the Right to Integrity in works of one’s authorship as guaranteed by the Berne Convention to which India is a signatory and the mandate of which has been adopted into India by virtue of the Copyright Act, 1957.   [Ayushi Goel…

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    Judicial Evolution of ‘Fair Use’ of Copyrights – In the Context of Parodies

    To parody is to imitate another’s work in order to ridicule or criticize such work. The act of copying may also be the result of reproducing an original work indirectly, which is from a copy thereof. Parody is not possible without reproduction of a certain amount of work from the original published work. Where does an act of parody then violate the rights of the creator and cause copyright infringement?   [Abhishek Iyer is a student of 3rd Year B.A.-LLB at the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar and can be reached at abhishekiyer1999[at]gmail.com]   History of the Creator’s Rights The first statute that protected the creator’s rights was Britain’s Statute of Anne…