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    Facebook’s T&C and the GDPR: A Case Study

    Social media websites such as Facebook have not only increased manifold in the number of users and popularity but also have been regarded as important means of shaping public discourse making it one of the most sought after modes of advertising. These websites are beneficial for both vendors as well as consumers. Facebook, in order to become more efficient, has used several tools which have helped them provide more personalised information to its users. By enhancing its capacity to predict a person’s (data subject) likes, dislikes and preferences, Facebook has become overly appealing to vendors who can now rework and streamline their resources in identifying the target audience more accurately.…

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    The Position Of And Limitation Upon The Rights Of A Nominee Of Bank Deposits, Securities, Insurance Policies, Etc.

    The Hon’ble Bombay High Court in the case of Jayanand Jayant Salgaonkar and Ors. Vs. Jayashree Jayant Salgaonkar and Ors.[1]authoritatively clarified the position of law in relation the position and rights of a nominee of holdings under various statutes and their bearing on the normal process of succession upon the death of the nominator in holding that owing to the fact that these statutes, namely, the Companies Act, 1956; Banking Regulations Act, 1946; Depositories Act, 1996; etc. are purposed to deal with commercial and regulatory aspects of their respective fields and cannot hamper the laws and rules of succession forming the part of personal laws of an individual as the…