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About the Blog

CorpLexia is a legal blog for the next generation of lawyers, professionals, academics and students focused on the realm of corporate, commercial, financial, insolvency, securities, arbitration and competition laws, who are energised by ambition and striving for perfection.

Believing in the free discourse of knowledge, CorpLexia aims to break away from the hardwired practice of caging the very cutting edge of legal research and intellectual output in a close-ended journal, away from open and free access. We endeavour to put forth authoritative, inquisitive and well-researched publications that stand the test of our readers’ intellectual vigour.



Corporate, commercial, financial, insolvency, competition, securities, arbitration laws, etc.


Submission Guidelines

CorpLexia welcomes professional, eloquent and substantive articles & editorials in the realm of corporate, commercial, financial, insolvency, competition, securities, arbitration laws, etc., from all legal minds whether lawyers, professionals, academics, students etc. Said submissions must be the original and unpublished work of the author. The credit for the blog posts shall vest with the authors only.

All submissions must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Legal Articles: An Article makes an in-depth analysis of the nuances and developments of the subject matters dealt with by CorpLexia. These focus on analysing provisions of law along with judicial decisions and legal developments, however, authors are free to devise their own style of articles subject to approval by the Editorial Board. The word limit of the article shall be between 1000-2500 words excluding footnotes. Any waiver of this criterion would only be allowed when found necessary.
  2. Editorials: An Editorial primarily focuses on the opinion of the author and not just the analysis of legal provisions or case laws. An Editorial is essentially a practical analysis of legal and factual developments They must relate to substantial developments in the corporate and commercial landscape or the laws that govern it. The word limit for editorials shall be between 600-1200 words.

Authors may also write to us with raw ideas for projects and we would be happy to work with them to grow the same into an Article or Editorial to be published on the blog.

Format of Submissions: 

  1. Hyperlinks must be provided by the authors when referring to case laws, statutes, or other authorities/resources/references, embedded in the relevant portion of the text of the submission. Illustratively, if case law is referred to, the hyperlink should be embedded in the name of the case itself from open source forums like https://indiankanoon.orgor sci.gov.in, e.g., M/s Innoventive Industries Ltd. Vs. ICICI Bank and Ors..
  2. Authors have to make the articles professionally presentable and must follow the formatting guidelines below:
  • The main body of text in all submissions should be typed in the ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, justified.
  • The footnotes in all submissions should be typed in the ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 10, Line Spacing 1. Footnoting must be done in a consistent manner as per the Standard Legal Indian Citation format available on org.

Submission Process: 

  1. All submissions have to be sent to mail[at]corplexia.com in MS Word or Open Office format. Submissions made in the PDF format will not be entertained.
  2. Authors must include brief biographical information about themselves at the top of the submission. For Example, ‘X is a Partner at XYZ Law Firm and can be reached at x@xyz.com’ or ‘A is a student of 5thyear BA LL.B (Hons.) at BCD Law College’.

Our complete submission guidelines can be found, here.

Please Note: The Submissions shall be accepted on a rolling basis and chosen only on the basis of merit by the Editorial Board.


Contact us

In case of any queries, kindly write to us at mail[at]corplexia.com


Contact: Siddharth Kumar (Founder and Editor)

Email: siddharth[at]corplexia.com

Mobile: +91-8860214749 / +91-9250655630



Siddharth is the Founder of CorpLexia and serves as its Editor. He is a student of BBA LL.B (Hons.) and has a special focus on corporate, commercial, insolvency, arbitration, securities and competition laws. He can be reached at siddharth@corplexia.com

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